Whole of Home Training

To support new energy efficiency requirements in the National Construction Code (NCC) 2022, NatHERS now incorporates a new Whole of Home annual energy use budget. 

Whole of Home training has been delivered via a series of two webinars: an overview and a technical module, over the past six months (March-August 2023).

Recordings of both training sessions are embedded below and are also available on the NatHERS YouTube channel

Whole of Home Overview 

Training Video

Overview Presentation Slides (PowerPoint)

Overview Presentation Slides (PDF)

Overview Quiz (for Continued Professional Development (CPD) Points)

Whole of Home Technical 

Training Video

Technical Presentation Slides (PowerPoint)

Technical Presentation Slides (PDF)

Technical Quiz (pass required to be Whole of Home certified)



Becoming certified 

The online technical module which focuses on updates to the NatHERS Technical Note is mandatory for all professionals who want to become certified for Whole of Home assessments. Follow the steps below to become certified:

  1. Access the recorded NatHERS Whole of Home technical training session.
  2. Complete the session (this will take approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes).
  3. Take the Technical quiz. Once you pass this; you will receive a certificate.
  4. Email your certificate to your AAO.
  5. Your AAO will register you as a certified Whole of Home assessor and credit you CPD points for completing this training. 

Commercial tools training 

Hero and BERS Pro are currently running independent training covering various aspects of their updated tools. The training is free for registered users.  

Hero training covers NatHERS 2022 certification, the new thermal bridging feature and thermal comfort ratings, as well as the optimisation feature that adds batch simulation capabilities. 

BERS Pro training will include new interface features, thermal bridging, Whole of Home including a lighting, cooking and pool overview plus solar PV.

Additional software specific training will become available as tools are accredited.

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