Updated NatHERS assessments

NatHERS is offering ratings and assessments for new homes and major renovations which include all major energy use, and generation within the home. For the first time, whole of home energy ratings will be provided assessing the energy performance of appliances such as hot water, heating and cooling, pool and spa pumps, as well as solar energy generated onsite and battery storage

These changes will benefit householders, saving energy and money while improving the comfort of homes across Australia.

The updates will elevate the importance of energy efficiency in new builds and renovations, and help drive demand within industry for the skills needed to focus on energy efficiency.

New home energy assessments and ratings

NatHERS assessments will continue to provide a thermal star rating out of 10 alongside a whole of home performance rating out of 100 which includes an assessment of the energy required for the whole home, including:

  • Heating and cooling and hot water systems
  • Pool/spa pumps
  • Lighting
  • On-site energy generation and storage (solar panels and batteries)
  • Cooking and plug-in appliances.

These changes will help home owners make decisions on energy efficient appliances and products they may wish to include in their new home. They also encourage home builders to consider the efficiency of the appliances they recommend to their clients.

The new ratings are supporting industry and consumers to design and build homes beyond minimum standards by showing a range of ratings, from just above minimum levels right up to world class energy efficient homes.

Watch this video to learn more about Whole of Home ratings. 

Energy assessments for established homes

As part of a joint initiative of the Commonwealth, state and territory governments, NatHERS is expanding to include voluntary energy assessments for established homes from early 2025.

These assessments will help Australian householders better understand their home’s energy performance. They will also help identify upgrades to improve the comfort of a home, and help to reduce energy bills.

An energy assessor will visit a home to take measurements and look at its construction and the building materials that have been used. The assessment will include a comfort rating in hot and cold weather, and the energy used by appliances such as air conditioners, heaters and hot water systems.

Until the expansion of NatHERS for established homes is operational, expected in early 2025, the Residential Efficiency Scorecard can be used to assess established homes. The Scorecard builds on the Victorian Government’s successful state-based Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard Program and is endorsed by NatHERS. 

Find out more about voluntary assessments for established homes.