2022 Software Transitional Arrangements

NatHERS accredited software and NatHERS Certificates have undergone changes for 2022.

This is to reflect changes in the National Construction Code (NCC) 2022, the expansion to Whole of Home ratings and to incorporate new climate files, star bands and heating and cooling load limits.

Between 1 October 2022 and 30 September 2023, assessors have the choice of which version of the NCC they wish to comply with. However, state and territory variations may apply where jurisdictions require assessors to use specific versions of the NCC. Assessors performing assessments to meet the NSW BASIX thermal performance standards must continue to use v3.21 software until 30 September 2023. If in doubt about which NCC version to use, check with your local building regulatory authority.

Option 1: Compliance with NCC 2019

If you choose to comply with NCC 2019, you must use:

Option 2: Compliance with NCC 2022

If you choose to comply with NCC 2022, you must use:

  • Accredited software based on Chenath Engine v3.22
  • The new NatHERS Certificate featuring the Whole of Home rating, as it becomes accredited and available
  • NatHERS Technical Note Version September 2022
  • Heating and cooling load limits of ABCB Standard 2022.1
  • Additional thermal and Whole of Home requirements for apartments detailed in Section J2D2 of NCC 2022 Volume One
  • Additional thermal requirements and Whole of Home requirements for houses detailed in Specification 42 of the NCC 2022 Volume Two

From 1 October 2023 onwards

From 1 October 2023 v3.21 software versions must not be used for demonstrating compliance to the NCC NatHERS pathway, unless a written request from the relevant regulatory authority has been obtained.

From 1 October 2023, regulatory authorities will be able to identify compliant NatHERS Software by the use of the new NatHERS Certificate featuring the Whole of Home rating sections.