NatHERS Assessor Toolkit

This Toolkit provides a range of useful links and documents to support NatHERS Assessors. Click on the topics listed below in the drop-down menus to learn more about accreditation, training, certificates, and recent changes to the National Construction Code. 

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Additional Resources

  • The Your Home Website - provides expert advice on sustainable, energy efficient building including designing for climate and orientation, bushfire protection, glazing and insulation. Your Home also hosts a range of free 'Design For Place' home designs with a minimum 7-star NatHERS rating and are tailored to various climate zones.  
  • Your Home also features case studies including advice on building energy efficient homes in various climate zones across Australia. 
  • The NatHERS Trade Mark Guidelines explain how to correctly use the NatHERS logo.
  • See the NatHERS research summaries on NCC 2022 updates including: thermal bridging, climate files, star bands and heating and cooling load limits. 
  • Check out the CSIRO Australian Housing Data Portal which tracks annual trends in home energy ratings for all new Australian houses and apartments.
  • If you have a question visit the NatHERS FAQ page.