What is NatHERS?

The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) measures a home’s energy efficiency to generate a star rating. It was first introduced in 1993.

The higher the star rating, the less energy needed to heat and cool the home to keep it comfortable. 

NatHERS Assessors currently use the house plans and building specifications of a home to input data into a NatHERS accredited software tool. NatHERS tools estimate the amount of heat that needs to be added or removed to keep that home comfortable. The NatHERS tools then generate a NatHERS star rating out of 10 and a Certificate. This star rating measures the home’s thermal performance, based on its structure, design and materials. 

NatHERS remains the most popular pathway to demonstrate compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC) energy efficiency requirements. Around 94 per cent of building approvals in 2020-2021 were assessed via the Scheme. A star rating of 6 or above is required in most parts of Australia for detached homes.

Soon NatHERS will offer Whole of Home energy assessments, which will include information about the energy performance of common household appliances, such as heating and cooling, hot water, lighting, pool/spa pumps and on-site energy generation and storage (e.g. solar panels and batteries). NatHERS will also offer In Home energy assessments which do not require house plans and building specifications. 

For information about how NatHERS is managed see the Governance page.


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