NatHERS Certificate

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Universal Certificate example - Accredited Assessor
Universal Certificate example - Assessor
Preview of new NatHERS Certificate

The NatHERS Certificate provides a comprehensive and uniform approach to displaying important home energy rating assessment information and modelling outcomes.This allows builders, certifiers and regulatory authorities to quickly understand the energy rating of a home and confirm that the building has been built to the design on which the energy rating assessment is based.

All certificates include information on the dwelling’s key design features, building materials and parameters used to generate its star rating.

NatHERS certificates also indicate whether the assessment was conducted by a NatHERS Accredited Assessor by showing the NatHERS logo in the top right hand corner. While it’s not compulsory to be accredited in all states and territories, the logo allows anyone to easily verify that the person rating a home is skilled in completing NatHERS ratings. Certificates without the logo were completed by an assessor without NatHERS accreditation.

In 2019, the NatHERS Administrator completed major updates to NatHERS Certificates to improve their usability and structure. The certificate name also changed from ‘Universal Certificate’ to ‘NatHERS Certificate’.

The new NatHERS Certificate will come into use in early 2020. Software tools will adopt the new NatHERS Certificate after they have transitioned to Chenath Engine version 3.21. All new assessments started from 1 May 2020 will produce the new NatHERS Certificate.

Software using Chenath Engine version 3.13 will continue to produce the existing Universal Certificate and will not have the capability to generate the new NatHERS Certificate. From 1 May 2020 the Universal Certificate will only be produced for assessments started prior to this date. Software tools using Chenath Version 3.13 will not be capable of starting new assessments from 1 May 2020.

Information for building surveyors and council staff

Is your rating accredited?*

A building certifier and surveyor's guide to the NatHERS certificate*

Information for homeowners

How does your home rate?*

Samples of Certificates:

Preview of new NatHERS Certificate - NatHERS Accredited Assessor [PDF 809 KB]

Sample Universal Certificate - NatHERS Accredited Assessor [PDF 933 KB]

Sample Universal Certificate - assessor [PDF 486 KB]

Sample Universal Certificate Class 2 Summary - NatHERS Accredited Assessor [PDF 569 KB]

Sample Universal Certificate Class 2 Summary - assessor [PDF 311 KB]

* These fact sheets are based on the existing ‘Universal Certificate’ format. Updated fact sheets using the new NatHERS Certificate format will be available early 2020.

Photo of Birkenhead House, courtesy of Sustainability House

Photo of Birkenhead House, courtesy of Sustainability House