Building better homes

An energy efficient home incorporates design features which take advantage of natural sources of heating and cooling. When designing your home, you need to consider the features that suit your local climate including, correct orientation, insulation, shading and glazing to provide year round comfort. Good design helps lower energy bills and makes a home more affordable to run over its lifespan.

Your Home is Australia’s trusted guide to designing and building an energy efficient, sustainable home. It has been developed by experts, verified by government and is trusted by industry.

You can find it free online or buy the book

Image of the Your Home resource in book and web for  on Ipad

Free architect-designed plans

If you are designing a new home, Design for Place on the Your Home website offers free-to-download house plans. These plans showcase sustainable design principles and construction techniques for a range of climate zones across Australia.

Design For Place plans:

  • Are tailored to suit different climates across Australia
  • Can be used as is or customised to suit your needs, lifestyle, block orientation and local requirements
  • Achieve energy ratings of 7, 8 and 9 stars under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme
  • Include practical examples to improve your home’s energy star rating, helping to reduce energy bills
  • Use standard construction materials and techniques to keep costs down.
Two storey house rear view with garden
Telopea house design, Design for Place