NatHERS Worked Examples

These NatHERS examples provide a sample set of training documents for a variety of users including energy assessors, construction industry professionals and educators.

They aim to:

  • Encourage energy assessors to test their modelling skills and accuracy
  • Support trainers or educators to improve proficiency in software tools  
  • Support industry in showcasing simple improvements to consider how to achieve a higher star rating
  • Encourage energy assessors to explore the software and better understand how the elements have been modelled in each tool.

What’s included?

Different house designs have been used to produce four NatHERS worked examples in varying climate zones using NatHERS accredited software tools.  

Each example pack includes:

  • Design documentation
  • Instructions on how to model the design in one of the NatHERS software tools and suggested improvements to increase the energy star rating
  • Two software files: One ‘base’ rating modelled as per the design specifications and an ‘improved’ rating file with the suggested improvements implemented

A image of the contents within the example pack. It describes View, Download and Follow

Note: The NatHERS example ratings have been calculated using the new NCC 2022 compliant, Chenath 3.22. This includes recent updates to NatHERS calculations such as new climate files and updated star bands. They also comply with the new ABCB heating and cooling load limits released in September 2022 (See ABCB Standard 2022.1).

Download the worked examples

To access the four examples see the individual links below. You will first need the NatHERS accredited software tool referenced in the example. Go to the NatHERS software page to learn more and download the tools.

These documents are owned by the NatHERS Administrator and are for training purposes only. They are not to be used for construction purposes. If you have any issues downloading them or have any questions, please email the NatHERS team at

Worked Example 1

NatHERS software: AccuRate Sustainability

Climate: Hobart

Worked Example 2

NatHERS software: BERS Pro

Climate: Hobart

Worked Example 3

NatHERS software: FirstRate5

Climate: Melbourne

Worked Example 4

NatHERS software: HERO

Climate: Townsville


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