NatHERS Stakeholder Consultative Group

The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) Stakeholder Consultative Group (SCG) provides stakeholder and industry feedback to the NatHERS Administrator on the development, implementation and continuous improvement of NatHERS.

The SCG work is complementary to the technical feedback provided by the NatHERS Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)


The SCG provides stakeholder and industry views on the strategic direction of NatHERS, including:

  • Implementation issues or risks with the Scheme
  • Opportunities for continual improvement in the delivery of NatHERS, particularly in relation to the engagement and participation of stakeholders and industry
  • Implementation and review of the NatHERS Strategic Plan and development of future plans, and
  • Other matters as requested by the NatHERS Administrator.

The SCG has no executive power. It functions as a consultative body to assist the NatHERS Administrator and NatHERS Steering Committee in the management of the Scheme.

The SCG meets at least two times per year via teleconference and may also be asked to give

out-of-session consideration to specific matters from time-to-time.


The SCG is made up of up of representatives from the building, appliance and solar industries, Assessor Accrediting Organisations, software tool developers and other NatHERS stakeholders.

Members of the Stakeholder Consultative Group

Membership period

SCG membership is for two years.

Application for membership

Organisations may apply for membership by submitting an ‘Expression of Interest’ to the NatHERS Administrator. This should include the nomination of two representatives where possible (the second being a proxy who would not attend meetings without prior agreement). The application should include:

  • Expression of Interest: outlining the reasons for the nomination and the specific skills set each applicant would contribute (no more than 1 page).
  • CV: outlining further details of the previous experience of both applicants (no more than two pages).
  • Declaration of interest: as per the provisions in the Confidentiality, Privacy and Conflict of Interest Deed.

For more information see the Stakeholder Consultative Group Terms of Reference and Confidentiality, Privacy and Conflict of Interest Deed