The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) accredits a number of tools that can measure and rate a home’s energy efficiency. These tools provide a ‘measuring tape’ for rating the energy performance of Australian homes.

State and territory governments use NatHERS for regulatory purposes, to support the building industry to demonstrate compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC). NatHERS has become the most popular pathway to demonstrate compliance with the NCC energy efficiency requirements.

NatHERS is being used by the finance sector to underpin green loans, which are driving the delivery of above minimum standard homes. It can also support disclosure frameworks and rental standards, all of which help to boost the energy efficiency of residential buildings – saving on bills, improving comfort and contributing to abatement.  

Thermal mass in the concrete slab floor and internal brick walls keeps the home at a stable temperature.
Photo: Dan Schultz © SUHO

NatHERS is administered by the Australian Government on behalf of all states and territories.

The NatHERS Administrator is responsible for improving and developing the Scheme, this includes:

  • Scheme Management (including setting protocols and procedures)
  • Software accreditation, in line with changes in the National Construction Code (NCC) 
  • Assessor accreditation
  • Communications, with industry, government and consumer stakeholders.

Stakeholder and industry feedback is considered during regular consultation.

The NatHERS Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and the NatHERS Stakeholder Consultative Group (SCG) have members representing the building industry, architects, designers, appliance manufacturers and suppliers and community. These groups advise on various aspects of the Scheme.

For more information on the Scheme's administration see the administrative and governance arrangements paper

Read the NatHERS NCC Supplement which explains the Australian Building Codes Board's (ABCB) protocol for the development of NCC referenced documents.

Read the current NatHERS Strategic plan here and find out more about the NCC and state and territory regulations.