NatHERS Software Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The NatHERS Software Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is an advisory body made up of technical experts from relevant industry and research institutions. It provides expert guidance on technical issues concerning the maintenance and development of NatHERS Accredited Software tools.

 The TAC reports to the NatHERS Administrator, currently within the Department of the Environment and Energy.

The NatHERS Administrator is chair of the TAC, and its membership includes:

  1. Representatives from the Energy Efficiency Advisory Team
  2. A CSIRO representative
  3. A representative from each of the accredited NatHERS tool providers
  4. Academic researchers with knowledge of thermal modelling
  5. Representatives from Assessor Accrediting Organisations
  6. Representatives from the building industry including peak bodies

A list of the organisations with representatives on the TAC is available below:

The TAC meets up to four times a year and provides advice and services to the NatHERS Administrator, concerning:

  1. Software functionality improvements
  2. Technical research requirements and reviews of subsequent results
  3. Fixing any software modelling issues that arise
  4. Updates to the Chenath Engine that powers NatHERS software
  5. The inclusion of new products and building systems in the software

The TAC also provides technical advice as needed on matters such as managing software products and assessor training.

Terms of Reference for the TAC are available below:

TAC Meeting Schedule for 2016

TAC March [PDF 48 KB]

TAC June

TAC September

TAC December


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