NatHERS News - 28 June 2023

Hero accredited for thermal assessments

HERO is conditionally accredited and can be used for regulatory purposes for thermal (building shell) assessments, including for thermal certificates. This closely follows FirstRate5’s conditional accreditation on 26 May 2023. Currently neither software tool can be used to demonstrate compliance with Whole of Home requirements.

FirstRate5 is working on functionality to generate certificates, rating reports and stamps in the new format. Contact the FirstRate5 team for more information.


BERS Pro is currently progressing through accreditation. In the interim, a beta version of BERS Pro remains available for testing the new climate files and updated starbands for thermal assessments. Results will be indicative of actual ratings, but cannot be used for regulatory purposes.

AccuRate Home is the only software currently accredited to produce both thermal and Whole of Home NCC 2022 compliant ratings and certificates for new dwellings.

More information

See the latest fact sheet for more information about software accreditation, including AccuRate Home, thermal bridging, and updated heating and cooling load limits.


Note: The NatHERS Administrator has no control over software release dates once software is accredited.

Mid-year workshops shaping NatHERS

NatHERS stakeholders will be meeting in Sydney during July to workshop ideas and agree priorities for a new NatHERS Strategic Plan.

Representatives from state and territory governments, accrediting and training organisations, software providers and industry peak bodies will attend the two-day event.

Feedback from the recent assessor survey and input from the Technical Advisory Committee and the Stakeholder Consultative Group will guide discussions during the series of workshops.

Outcomes from the event will shape the three-year NatHERS draft Strategic Plan as well as a new NatHERS for existing homes framework, which will support the introduction of existing homes ratings and inform future broader public consultation.

For more information about the workshops email the team.

NatHERS scores a high star rating

Results from a recent survey of over 100 assessors show most hold NatHERS in high regard, with 80% saying they feel positively about the Scheme. Sentiment towards Assessor Accrediting Organisations (AAOs) was also largely positive at 89%.


The NatHERS Assessor Survey also found that 83% agree that the Scheme in its current form is effective at improving the energy performance of homes, and most welcomed the introduction of Whole of Home and existing homes ratings (62% and 70% respectively).

There was almost universal knowledge about the expansion to Whole of Home with 96% of respondents informed about the new rating.  However, awareness of existing homes ratings (due to be introduced from mid-2025), was lower at 66%.


Most assessors support the expansion of NatHERS, welcoming the associated opportunities, but increasing costs for clients and homeowners, and additional time pressures, were noted. However, assessors largely agreed expansion will help lower household bills by guiding better decisions on design and household appliances.


If you would like more details about the survey, please email the team.

Last training sessions booking up

The final Whole of Home overview and technical sessions running in July and August are filling up fast. If you are an assessor who has not signed up, don’t delay – visit the NatHERS website to register for the last remaining slots.


If you have completed the overview session or have prior knowledge of the Whole of Home changes, you can register for the technical training session to become certified for Whole of Home assessments.


Recordings of both sessions will be available on our website and YouTube channel from early September, with links provided in future newsletters.

Window Libraries Update

Work to embed new Default and Custom window libraries into the NatHERS benchmark tool AccuRate Home is now complete.


The updates will help assessors better model windows by providing more accurate and consistent products and data, and enhanced filtering and search functions.

The new Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) Link portal, developed by the Australian Glass & Window Association (AGWA), will underpin the new libraries which are in addition to the current Custom and Default Window libraries in the software.


The NatHERS team is working closely with AGWA and software providers to implement the files and develop updated guidance material.


See the NatHERS website and sign up for the Newsletter for updates on the project.

Resources for NCC 2022 

Check out the many resources available to help with the transition to the new energy efficiency requirements in NCC 2022: