7 Star house plans

Building an energy efficient home

If you are designing a new home, the Design for Place 7 Star house design project offers free-to-download energy-efficient house designs showcasing the use of sustainable design principles and construction techniques for a range of climate zones across Australia.

These plans are designed to achieve a NatHERS energy rating of around 7 stars but simple upgrades may allow your home to reach up to 9 stars!

Even if this design isn’t right for your needs, you could suggest some of the design ideas to your architect or builder in order to improve the energy efficiency of your new home. Small changes to improve the energy efficiency of your home may have little or no additional construction cost while saving you considerable money year on year!

As the sample house designs are examples only, the designs and associated information can be used as:

  • As they are or to modify house plans to suit your block and orientation
  • A concept plan for your own design brief for an architect, designer, draftsperson, or builder
  • Design elements that you may choose to incorporate in your own house design
  • Background information on the key principles that should be considered in the design of any home
  • A general guide to the differences in construction specifications that should be considered in different climate zones

Note: The plans may need modifications to comply with local government requirements. They represent one option for achieving a 7 star NatHERS rating and other designs or materials may give similar or better performance.

7 Star house plans

The innovative architect-designed suite of free house plans is a significant resource for anyone planning a new home.

7 star house example

A brochure is available to download and the full set of free house plans and elevations are available on the YourHome website.