NatHERS Certificate Samples

Across Australia, all Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) ratings are presented on a certificate or a non-accredited report.

These show key details about the dwelling, and from 2022, will also provide new information for households on the greenhouse gas emissions of their home, the costs and energy used by all its major appliances, and the impact of solar and batteries.

The certificate will be in one of two formats:

  1. A certificate that displays the NatHERS logo and can be printed in colour –produced by accredited assessors
  1. A non-accredited report without the NatHERS logo and only available in black and white – produced by non-accredited assessors.

They have been designed so that owners, builders, certifiers and regulatory authorities can understand and easily check the home’s rating. The QR code, in particular, is important. When scanned, it takes the user to the original certificate that is stored on a secure website.

The data from these certificates go into the CSIRO Australian Housing Data portal (AHD). Furthermore, the fees from the certificates contribute to funding the NatHERS Scheme.

Information for builders, certifiers, regulators and home owners

Changes to the 2022 certificate & non-accredited report 

Guide to the 2019 certificate & non-accredited certificate

2022 NatHERS Certificate samples

2022 NatHERS Certificate sample

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