NatHERS News - 17 July 2023

Final thermal software tool accredited

BERS Pro has been conditionally accredited for thermal (building shell) assessments to comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) 2022. This version of BERS Pro also contains a beta version of Whole of Home. This will allow assessors to try out this new feature.

This latest accreditation means all NatHERS software tools, including AccuRate Home, Hero, FirstRate5 and BERS Pro, are approved for regulatory purposes for thermal (building shell) star rating assessments. FirstRate5 and BERS Pro are still working on functionality to establish thermal certificates, ratings reports and stamps in the new format.


Currently the only software that can produce Whole of Home ratings and certificates, compliant with NCC 2022, is the NatHERS Benchmark tool AccuRate Home.


Please note that software providers may not publicly release their tools immediately after being accredited — the NatHERS Administrator has no control over when software tools are released.


Contact the FirstRate5 team, the BERS Pro team or the Hero team for more information on release dates.


Read the updated software fact sheet for more details about accreditation.

training picture

Whole of Home training - last places available

There are limited spots still available for the final Whole of Home technical training sessions running on 26 July and 22 August. The last overview session (8 August) is fully booked.

Assessors who want to be certified for Whole of Home assessments must complete the technical training session.

Visit the website to register or contact the NatHERS team for more information.  

Recordings of both sessions will be available on the NatHERS website and YouTube channel in September. Links will also be provided in future newsletters.  

Resources for NCC 2022 

Check out the many resources available to help with the transition to the new energy efficiency requirements in NCC 2022: