Expression of Interest

NatHERS Whole of Home software developer expression of interest (EOI)

Interested software developers can submit an EOI to get early access to information to support Whole of Home software development. Whole of Home tools can also be considered for NatHERS Endorsement through the EOI process.

The EOI pack will provide updates on the future accreditation process, as well as information to support software development, ensuring all potential tool providers have equal access to all relevant information.

The pack will include:

  • Draft NatHERS Whole of Home National Calculation Methodologies
  • High level Software Accreditation Protocol (SAP)
  • Sample Whole of Home certificate
  • Sample hourly output data and house designs
  • Information on how to request access to the beta version of the CSIRO Whole of Home Benchmark Tool.

To begin the expression of interest process, please email the NatHERS Administrator

Minimum software requirements for endorsement

To be considered for NatHERS Endorsement, software developers must be able to demonstrate that the proposed Whole of Home software tool:

  • Has existing NatHERS accreditation for rating thermal performance or has agreed access rights with a software tool that has existing NatHERS accreditation for rating thermal performance.
  • Can generate annual energy calculation for a home.
  • Can generate an energy calculation for the following appliances:
    • Heating and cooling appliances
    • Water heating appliances
    • Lighting
    • Pool and spa pumps
    • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems.

What is the difference between NatHERS endorsed software and NatHERS accredited software?

Endorsement of your Whole of Home software means that your tool has met the minimum software requirements and has been approved as endorsed by the NatHERS Administrator.

Endorsement is an early indication that your tool is on the right track for NatHERS accreditation in the future. Endorsement will allow your tool to advertise as being NatHERS Endorsed during the public consultation period for the National Construction Code (NCC) 2022.

Endorsed tools demonstrate what is possible for accredited NatHERS Whole of Home tools, by providing an indication of the look, feel and usability.

Endorsement is not equivalent to NatHERS accreditation. Unlike NatHERS accredited tools, endorsed tools will not be able to produce a NatHERS Certificate or rating. The process for formal accreditation, through the Software Accreditation Protocol, will be made available during the Release Phase.

Endorsement will be for a fixed timeframe, determined by the NatHERS Administrator.

For further information on Whole of Home changes please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page.