NatHERS Software Accreditation Protocol Review

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Submissions to the discussion paper reviewing the NatHERS Software Accreditation Protocol have now closed.

Submissions are being considered and further information about the progress of the review, and opportunities for comment, will be published on the NatHERS website as it becomes available.  

The discussion paper marked the first step in the review of the Protocol, a decision agreed to by the NatHERS Steering Committee (the Energy Efficiency Advisory Team (EEAT)) as one of a range of measures aimed at improving the governance and operational arrangements of the NatHERS.

The review of the Protocol is aimed at better documenting the principles and functional specifications of the NatHERS software tools, clarifying software tool requirements and regulatory obligations applying to changes to the software tools, as well as review the software accreditation process. 

The paper is available here [PDF 681 KB] [DOC 81 KB].