Have your say on the NatHERS Software Accreditation Protocol. (Submissions now closed)

On behalf of the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments, the NatHERS Administrator invites interested stakeholders to provide their input into the review of the NatHERS Software Accreditation Protocol. A discussion paper has been released for comment and the submission period is open until Monday 9 January 2017.

The release of the discussion paper marks the first step in the Protocol review, which aims to better document the principles and functional specifications of the NatHERS software tools, clarify software tool requirements and regulatory obligations applying to changes to the software tools, as well as review the software accreditation process. 

The discussion paper includes a series of questions that seeks to generate feedback on ways to resolve known issues, as well as bring to light any other issues not already identified.

The paper is available here [PDF 681 KB] [DOC 81 KB].  Submissions can be made to admin@nathers.gov.au

We look forward to hearing from you.