BERS Pro completes accreditation process

BERS Pro software has now met all the requirements for full accreditation and a new version, BERS Pro v4.3.0.2 (3.13), has been released. This release marks the end of the accreditation process of BERS Pro by the NatHERS Administrator. The new installer for general release is available from the Energy Inspection website and Energy Inspection will be sending communications to existing license holders about the new version.

A transitional period has been agreed with the NatHERS Administrator where BERS Pro v4.3.0.1a (3.13) and BERS Pro v4.3.0.2 (3.13) will both be accredited for use for a period of two months ending 31 March 2017.  During this time both versions will be available to download from the Energy Inspection website software downloads page.

Two weeks prior to the 31 March 2017, a notification will be sent by Energy Inspection to remind all BERS Pro users to complete transitioning to BERS Pro v4.3.0.2 (3.13).  Please note that after 31 March 2017, the previous version will not be available to download.

Any H-star coupons purchased after 31March will only be valid for use with BERS Pro v4.3.0.2 (3.13).  This is to help ensure the most current version is in use.  Any coupons already credited to the H-star portal will continue to be valid for both versions.
If you have any questions please contact Energy Inspection at