Over recent years a number of research projects have been funded by the Australian Government which has contributed to the on-going improvement of NatHERS. The reports from these projects have been released to show the extent of this work and to contribute to the greater understanding about the Scheme. Reports from future research will be added to this site as they become available. Browse the publications below or use the search box to find specific publications.

NatHERS Benchmark Study 2013

Floyd Energy - 2014

The NatHERS Benchmark study engaged 344 NatHERS assessors who volunteered to assess one of four randomly-selected house plans in their chosen NatHERS software tool. The study took place from May to December 2013 and was undertaken to establish a baseline against which future improvements in the NatHERS scheme can be developed and evaluated.

Thank you to all assessors who participated in this important project. Step-through answers for one of the house plans can be found by logging into the NatHERS worked examples website (link is external).

Study of the effect of ground heat transfer on the thermal performance of buildings

The University of Newcastle - 2012

Building heating and cooling energy use constitutes a significant part of total household energy consumption in Australia. NatHERS has played a critical role in the energy efficiency of the Australian residential building sector. This project was undertaken to assess the validity of the current ground heat transfer calculations within the Chenath calculation engine, which underpins the three software tools accredited under the Scheme. This work will help to improve understanding and confidence in the tools by analysing fundamental calculations within the software in order to establish the accuracy of the algorithms and/or to identify any areas for improvement.

Disclaimer: This research document has not been produced in a web accessibility format.