NatHERS Universal Certificate

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The NatHERS Universal Certificate provides a comprehensive and uniform approach to displaying important home energy rating assessment information and modelling outcomes.

All NatHERS Accredited Software can produce an energy rating using one of the two Universal Certificate formats demonstrated above (depending on whether or not an assessor is NatHERS accredited).

The Universal Certificate includes information on the dwelling’s key design features, building materials and parameters used to generate its star rating.

A Universal Certificate showing the NatHERS logo demonstrates that the assessment was completed by a NatHERS Accredited Assessor, allowing certifiers to easily verify that the person rating your home is skilled in completing NatHERS ratings.

Providing relevant information in a comprehensive and uniform way allows builders, certifiers and regulatory authorities, to quickly understand the energy rating of a home and can be used to more easily confirm that the building has been built to the design on which the energy rating assessment is based.

Information for building surveyors and council staff

Is your rating accredited?

A building certifier and surveyor's guide to the NatHERS certificate

Information for homeowners

How does your home rate?

Samples of Universal Certificates:

Example of the Universal Certificate from a NatHERS Accredited Assessor* [PDF 933 KB]

Example of the Universal Certificate from an Assessor* [PDF 486 KB]

Example of a Class 2 Summary from a NatHERS Accredited Assessor [PDF 569 KB]

Example of a Class 2 Summary from an Assessor [PDF 311 KB]

Photo of Birkenhead House, courtesy of Sustainability House

Photo of Birkenhead House, courtesy of Sustainability House

* Note - in the samples NatHERS Universal Certificate above the ‘Window selection’ box shows a 10% SHGC tolerance. This tolerance is only available with AccuRate - both BERS and FirstRate5 only have a 5% tolerance due to functionality restrictions. See software help files or training manuals for more details.