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Welcome to the December 2016 NatHERS Star. The NatHERS Administrator has been hard at work since the last newsletter and we have a bumper issue to close out 2016.

Updated NatHERS Strategic Plan

There is now an update to the NatHERS Strategic Plan 2015-2018 available on the NatHERS website

NatHERS Governance Review Update

In 2016 the NatHERS Administrator engaged ACIL Allen Consulting to undertake an independent governance and operational review of NatHERS.

Invitation to Comment on the Software Accreditation Protocol Discussion Paper

A discussion paper has been developed to review opportunities to improve clarity and processes in the NatHERS Software Accreditation Protocol.

BERS Pro Accreditation Update

Having met all the outstanding requirements of software accreditation, BERS Pro is on track for full accreditation before the end of March 2017.

Quarterly stakeholder meetings

A recent initiative of the NatHERS Administrator has been to conduct quarterly stakeholder meetings with Assessor Accrediting Organisations (AAOs) and Software Providers.

NatHERS Technical Advisory Committee Update

To keep everyone better informed about the discussions of the NatHERS Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) we will be providing updates in this, and future, editions of the NatHERS Star.

NatHERS Trademarks

Over the past few years the NatHERS Administrator has undertaken a trademarking process to protect the NatHERS logo, name and acronym from misuse. 

Get to know: Chenath

Did you know the Chenath Engine has been around in different forms since the 1950s?

On the Horizon

2016 has been a busy year for the NatHERS Administrator and 2017 looks set to follow suit.

BDAV Design Contest

The Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV) has revamped its 10-Star Sustainable Design Challenge.

New energy-saving guide for Northern Australia

Recently the team behind the Your Energy Savings website released the Energy-saving guide for Northern Australia

CRC LCL – Next Generation Rating Tools

The CRC for Low Carbon Living, in association with project partners CSIRO, Energy Inspection, and the University of South Australia, launched the RP1024 NextGen Rating Tools project in Adelaide on 29 September 2016. 


Welcome to the December 2016 NatHERS Star. The NatHERS Administrator has been hard at work since the last newsletter and we have a bumper issue to close out 2016.
Following the 2016 Federal Election, the decision was made to align the Energy and Environment portfolios to provide a more holistic approach to climate change and energy efficiency policy. In line with this, the NatHERS Administrator was moved out of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and into our new home in the Department of the Environment and Energy.

Our new email address is, so please update your contact lists and contact us here with any future correspondence.
In the last few months we have released some new documents and a video, including:

  1. NatHERS Service Charter
  2. A list of Key Performance Indicators for NatHERS
  3. NatHERS Annual Report 2015-16
  4. Updated NatHERS Strategic Plan for 2015-18
  5. EEAT-NatHERS Response to the Governance and Operational Review of NatHERS.
  6. A video about the NatHERS Universal Certificate
  7. A scoping study for the National Energy Productivity Plan (NEPP) Measure 31.2: Advance the National Construction Code (NCC)
  8. NatHERS Certifier Factsheet 

You can read about the new activities the NatHERS Administrator has planned for the early part of next year in the ‘On the horizon' article in this issue.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our stakeholders that have provided input into the various consultation processes that have taken place this year. The insight you have provided has been highly valuable!
If you have any thoughts about this newsletter, or suggestions about the kind of articles you would like to see included in this newsletter, please contact us at